Park Jefferson Speedway

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2024 Schedule!

2024 Schedule!

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Points Structure for Charlie Clark


Park Jefferson International Speedway

Points Structure for Charlie Clark

Finish Points

  1. 250
  2. 93
  3. 86
  4. 79
  5. 72
  6. 65
  7. 58
  8. 51
  9. 44
  10. 37
  11. 30
  12. 23

To determine your final Passing Points, take your final finish points and then add/subtract using the
following format:

Points earned per car passed + 5. Points lost for each lost position - 1.5.

The heat winners will be lined up in front of passing points.

They will draw for position using the traditional Tour Frisbee re-draw in front of the grandstand.

Top 8 in passing points will line up after the heat winners.

B-mains will be lined up after the top 8 in passing points.

All ties will be broken with the lowest initial draw number of the night between the tie(s).

Submitted By: Wayne Becker

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